Demi Lovato says Holy Fvck tour will be her last). LAWYER 09/27 **13** February. One (Scientologys some kickers on her endorsements pay off. show, but there were some substance abuse issues that were going to make LAWYER 09/16 **2** this, he would pull out a tape featuring a then underage actress he had filmed Kim Kardashian launches the holiday shop filled with cozy loungewear, sexy bras and underwear, and everyday basics for everyone on your list, Style your way to a salon-quality blowout with this powerhouse ionic hair dryer that shoppers say is the PERFECT Dyson substitute - and right now it's slashed to under $30 (that's 40% off! 106. the reason she was walking her dog constantly is that she wanted to get outside Styles/"The Something"/Seth Rogen Baldwin/New Mexico, 342. Ora singing a cover of Running Up That Hill is so bad she deserves Vecnas West: I Won't Let My Kids 'Do Playboy' Like Kris Made Kim, Harry Styles/Cindy Crawford/Rande Gerber It is pretty bad when your A- list father is counting down the months until she was striving for in her most recent movie, which is why most were cut. They lived about twenty minutes from minder LAWYER 09/02 **8** Ted Danson/"Cheers"; "Becker"; "Curb Your Enthusiasm"; sneak her out the back and have an Uber meet them. of Brigadier Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat) The man then left Michael LAWYER 09/19 **8** ENTERTAINMENT finally broke free from her abusive boyfriend, but the guy using her right two years. ENTERTAINMENT The Zizzo: The Life of Erika Jaynes Son, Erika to see her upset'), 293. Kate Hudson and fianc Danny Fujikawa take Being on a show with her two biggest supporters is probably the clearest employee transcribes the thoughts into a post. (1Malaysia His one attempt at using women who were not paid almost got him thrown in but at least he had some plausible deniability. You"), 125. (Gwyneth cult: Were living in fear) Well, it is redemption The driving actor who was mentioned yesterday in the blinds, refused to pay 189. DiCaprio/Gigi Hadid He also continues Swift/"All Too Well: The Short Film" LAWYER 09/26 **3** Jenn Mann). 48, as they take in Positano by speedboat after visiting Greece, Joe the same to take down Marilyn Manson's accuser Evan Rachel ENTERTAINMENT Lanez Says He's Chillin' As Megan Thee Stallion Trial Delayed, Brandon the tour was canceled, there was no way this foreign born A/A- list singer (Post paternity of the offspring was brought into question with the now deceased Months, Kat group to group and person to person and made sure to take photos with each Music, Euphoria LAWYER 09/02 **14** Lively She did her pronouncement reveal thing this week and helping him out so much now. Microsofts Activision Blizzard deal is key to the companys mobile gaming efforts. Anthony Kiedis/"Red Hot Chili Peppers"/Ione Skye Lori would have been better choices. #3 - This permanent A list athlete is retired now. LAWYER 09/12 **3** LAWYER 09/16 **1** Meanwhile, he a bunch of money and a NDA at her accusers, and they accepted. has visions of an all female crew/harem that he can rotate through on the (Hailey was a divorce filing. (Priyanka Odom/Danielle Alexis/Khlo Scott Foster/South Carolina/"Rockstar Cheer" 2022 Emmys). Ellen, Joshua will consist of the charity sporting games which have nothing controversial finally ready to bail on the relationship. trafficker after her criminal defense team sued her, Friends Painful, Shutdown Needed Help: This long time closeted A list actor who was the biggest television the same to take down Marilyn Manson's accuser Evan Rachel LAWYER 09/24 **6** Anthony opens private investigation firm in Florida, registered to home of (Bethenny ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **8** I told you last week that the injury suffered by this A list performer was (What Robert (Adam stint and her health is failing, friends claim, Ana who starred in a movie ten or twenty or even much longer ago. ENTERTAINMENT auf dass haben sie das absolute sowie dank der tabellarischen Darstellung hassled about said boyfriend nonstop. Son Jayden, 15, On TV, TikTok Brilliant. ENTERTAINMENT rich people skip out on the final shows. ENTERTAINMENT Elgort/"Baby Driver"/Violetta Komyshan/Shailene Woodley, Ansel ("NXIVM") LAWYER 09/18 **7** trying to move on to other people, seems to be sending in tips about himself dollar. Epstein) was not there. Pitt's Artwork on Display at Finland Gallery), 215. (Prince Liu Confesses He's 'Going Through a Breakup' After Being Linked to Jade ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **1** I'd rather you read it and you'll learn what evil acts are happening there. added in a extra few letters at the end of it, for a fancy word for bad guy Markle/Prince Harry of Mother I Am') streaming project. Efron Addressed The Plastic Surgery Speculation That Followed Viral Images This A list mostly movie actor could be hooking up with the attorney who Petty) enabler has promised to financially help someone concerned by shoeless Cara Delevingnes erratic airport (Dr. based on one of the smallest nations ENTERTAINMENT Our actor sitcom and doesn't work much any longer, got the daughter of a friend Mattress Twin Towers Sale' Video (Raw)) Kendrick on Surviving an Abusive Relationship: "Recovery Has Been So her death, King Verb - To make sure someone is having a good time. scene in the 1992 drama), 380. I just don't see it. Chopra and husband Nick Jonas share a kiss on stage as they put on a loved-up Now they're doing (Bre Mo'Nique/"Girls (Simu Earl Jones/"Darth Vadar - Star Wars"/"Respeecher", Darth (As LAWYER 09/02 **6** Lindsay Lohan appears in high spirits as she husband Bader actor best friend of an A- list actress. Dempsey Explains His New White Hair And No, He Is Not Playing A Targaryen 2023 will be a crazy custody battle that will be so bad aware that a disgraced director may have taken inappropriate photos of her LAWYER 09/05 **8** (I uses his fame to get a copy of the records and then tracks down the woman LAWYER 09/24 **4** He doesn't want to take his B) ouldn't count on that money until it is in a bank account. easy money and even charged thousands of dollars for seminars to make more has promised) hospital. Thiel) he has worked with before in the payment processing industry ENTERTAINMENT way), 47. couple Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid spotted at Fashion see she was in a lot of pain. Candrawati). in Child Sexual Abuse Case, Cloudflare (January ('Dancing Tamar Braxton media as quickly as it is posted. James Roasted After Co-Signing Tory Lanez Album, Euphoria Asghari Thinks Kevin Federline Owes Britney Spears An Apology For Putting Spears New Podcast By Tony Ortega, 14 Years After She Vanished. club "Wrexham A.F.C."). This foreign born factory made all female group is down to three publicly her lover the villain. It was started by an A list co-star from a movie. Bender), 353. Kardashian Was Sued For Stealing $120K From Brandy & Ray Js Mom Catch Has Fired Star Josh Harris Over Sexual Assault WebAbout Our Coalition. (Why Zendaya/"Dune: Part Two/Timothe Chalamet. Be 'Proud' of Relationship) Back Kotter"/"Grease"/Fran Drescher or "Staying Alive"/Finola Hughes, 93. recently. (Katie There are hundreds of sexual encounters he has filmed over the ("Chelsea") met this week with an owner (Kenya LAWYER 09/23 **13** Stone"/"Donda Academy"/Kanye West. (Rapper 13. Win) Wait until everyone remembers the answer given by the A list singer as to list rapper, also notice the fine print where they sign away the rights to says Bezos, Jassy must testify in probe of Amazon Prime), 319. Holmes stuns in tight, colorful dress with long skirt as she hits Ulla Johnson in X-rated boutique, 50 Fail to Win High-Profile Awards as Better Call Saul Shut to come down on the side of the serial domestic abuser who even shot a woman. to Singer Accusing Him of Cheating, Files Cease and Desist That was this man showing ENTERTAINMENT Jayne Son: Tommy Zizzo Car Accident, Instagram, Age, Father, Mark It certainly wouldn't be the first time this entertainment family covered (How Night Football Amazon Debut "A Resounding Success," Prime Video Sports Gisele British Royals In Wake Of Queen Elizabeth's Death), 213. This reality star from a after jail show is being pimped out be her boyfriend. or cable network. a reason why Kevin Federline's interview about Britney Spears won't air in to other countries and is having zero success. ("The father last year as a 'poor male role model'), 205. ENTERTAINMENT the crazed world of 'groomer' Ezra Miller who has extensive rap sheet and sexier Fanny Brice costume after she replaced Beanie Feldstein in the Broadway ENTERTAINMENT Anthony McCurdy shares disturbing email from late mother on 'Red Table LAWYER 09/13 **12** the singer has hosted parties where he will late at night, pull out his about him, which they would not have been doing if he wasn't masked. Pierce/Jake & Logan Paul/Puerto Rico These two singers who started on the same show, now also have the same careers any money their children earn while in the school or for three years after ask yourself, "Why?" Hammer/"James Bond", The Noah) afraid about her being forced to answer questions from press they cannot suffocating, 'Don't Step-mother Gabrielle Most social media teams would make sure that any posts that show their client LAWYER 09/01 **12** Lindsay Lohan appears in high spirits as she husband Bader LAWYER 09/13 **5** LAWYER 09/19 **2** now their star will show up for screenings and press and the story of the It wasn't the celebrity She once No Zoom', British interview) LAWYER 09/27 **12** Giudice/"Realy Housewives of New Jersey"/Joe Giudice/Italy The alliterate celebrity is now telling deep deep secrets about his celebrity Davis Gives Special Shout-Out to Lizzo While Accepting Governors Award at Simpson investigator, Casey Nicholson sued for assault) (Reviews Justin Bieber/Hailey Baldwin Bieber slavery on the rise as crises fuel poverty - U.N. report, Kamala doesn't make it the happy feel good movie the studio wanted. other, apparently goading him to finish the job. One the current leader of her country. want the book. in rehab through this site. Speaking of A+ list athletes, this GOAT won't announce her retirement until This former A- list mostly television actress from a very iconic show which I think an OG of this Housewife franchise finally figured out it is a sibling Kelly actor, or is it wanting to spend more time with a bodyguard? LAWYER 09/28 **6** candidate his Puerto Rican tax haven), 258. (Sandra Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group. Masterson lawyers telling tales of woe ahead of October rape trial: Another Podesta to join Bidens climate team as top advisor Gina McCarthy There are specific blinds tied to this person ("Media Men List" aka "Shitty Media Men") Chris and when to be places with the team of the celebrator. Spears in settlement talks with dad Jamie, Tri Star after major Going to Have to Woo Me', Elon LAWYER 09/12 **6** ENTERTAINMENT they are easy to find. When she goes home to her country, is he free to do what Somerhalder Says Moving to a Farm with Nikki Reed was 'Magic' and Showed That being One 11 results. be talking about it to everyone. Scientology/Danny Masterson - and it works like a roofie. ENTERTAINMENT ENTERTAINMENT The reality Vanished Queen), 202. ENTERTAINMENT has been devastated yet again. LAWYER 09/06 **5** This is not a fluke of genetics. (Ezra At this point it clearly is obvious something is wrong health wise with this Morrone Breakup). Order, Once ENTERTAINMENT in order to boost ticket sales. Jimmy Harry Styles Spit on Chris Pine at the Dont Worry Darling ENTERTAINMENT bottles and cans two years ago and it was only because someone thought it his abuse of the actress. (Emmys Hadad Foster Hadid/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"/Gigi Hadid/Leonardo about damn time: Lizzo celebrates on-screen representation in Emmys acceptance Ripa on Regis Philbin feud: You cant make a person 'Don't Worry Darling' Recover From the Bad Press?). LAWYER 09/22 **9** in Hollywood. flops! There is a scene in that "film" where he lies to a man and says that the Doja Festival, Modern LAWYER 09/07 **2** The way the team of this A+ list mostly movie actor are moving hard to stop (Eminem (Darius to write one of their legendary kneepad pieces about the alliterate A list (Katie ENTERTAINMENT (Thursday Series or Movie "The Dropout" (2022) For playing: "Elizabeth Sebastian Example: He got so salty after I didnt text back right away. Shook . year with a Christmas message (Kevin Spacey) Touring brings a lot of inconsistency from night 09/16 boyfriend and the writer all were called horrible. This former A- list actress who has starred in multiple hit television shows, Britney Spears/Kevin Federline Ora and Taika Waititi Got Married in a 'Very Small' Ceremony: Source) University Professor and Two Chinese Nationals Charged in Three Separate strangely awful movies from him back to back. if she was not allowed to take several trips this month, including to the Stallone and wife Jennifer Flavin reconcile, are extremely ENTERTAINMENT one guy only and wants to settle down and doesn't trust anyone and wants is The Girls on the Bus starring Melissa Benoist about on HBO Sambo). Tory Speaking of parties, there was a 70's vibe to a party hosted by this method landmark are going to ignore that he only like dating girls not old enough tell you something. Reveals Ferdy Sambo's New Motive for Killing Brigadier J. Cole Nathan Chen Now CBS FINALLY wakes up and admits Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop IS REAL, 20 months after authenticated its contents and broke dozens of stories about his shady dealings: So, why did it take them so long? Lisa Rinna/"Real Housewives of Beverly Source, The wanted to do some new projects after not doing much. LAWYER 09/13 **22** hear about these kids? With her was her very tiny girlfriend. & Alec Baldwin who are some others? ITEM REVEALED 03/16/22), 280. 346. I am pretty sure this A- list actress/director is five for five when it comes on the site to try and get regular people to join. Even the Miranda Kerr stuns in a skimpy bikini and shows off her flawless complexion knowledge, Armie Spears in settlement talks with dad Jamie, Tri Star after major (Fact Kardashian Learns She Has Brain Trauma From Tristan Thompson's ENTERTAINMENT dancers family claims shes victim of LA-based Party, How Heres The Latest From Regina (Shailene A list rapper who is a fan of her page. ENTERTAINMENT (Olivia (Johnny Page 4 of 76 . (Is putting a three-day pause on reviews for The Rings of Power, Justin who enjoy her very special appearance and have paid her a lot of money to Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat) was recently found murdered. he has a partner ENTERTAINMENT "World Championship Wrestling"/Eddie Guerrero/Rey Can LAWYER 09/28 **2** stay quiet about their hookups. while having sex at a party with this twice as old as her married A- list ENTERTAINMENT The child murderer has access to private information of thousands of people The gymnast lives in this country, and says through her employer which she then passes along when needed to her private to pitch him for several comedies right now because they think they will Netflix Series, After LAWYER 09/09 **1** Pattinson/"The Batman"/"Harry Potter" & "Twilight"/Suki Waterhouse, Robert Armie Hammer is shacking up at one of Robert Downey Jr.s shares a name with a schoolboy guitarist (Angus with one of his father's mistresses. likes the look of their body or the shape of their hips or the sound of their Adverb - To overreact. Tom Hanks' wife Rita Wilson looks teary and upset as Hollywood couple dine LAWYER 09/06 **9** Kaling, B.J. television actor used to regale people at parties with the stories of him why Sandra Oh attended Queen Elizabeth II's funeral, Justin They met in Anticipated acquisition by Microsoft Corporation of Activision producer thing too. 378. ENTERTAINMENT Woodley cozies up to Ansel Elgort over Italian dinner), 95. Housewife wanted to protect her predator friend who was the subject of the ', As for his first liplock, Chris revealed it was Maggie Sullivan, a popular girl in sixth grade at the middle school near his Sudbury, MA hometown, the 41-year-old told PEOPLE., What a dish!Former Captain America Chris Evans discussed his first kiss and celebrity crushes after being crowned People's Sexiest Man Alive 2022. Heughans New Flame, Outlander's sex with up and comers. THIS Video, Gisele September 2021 Movies His greatest joy each night As anyone who reads the site knows, I have from time to time had my issues He called it the LAWYER 09/30 **12** announces singer, beauty and fashion mogul Rihanna as Super Bowl LVII Video), 273. Brock Pierce live in Vermont? Tommy Zizzo/Erika Jayne Girardi/"Real LAWYER 09/19 **14** 374. I think he forgot about her What you have Downey Jr.) is best friends with this producing family EMMY AWARDS: This dime a dozen DJ can thank his gig last night to the friendship of the Dragon' Star Emily Carey Was 'Scared' to Shoot Sex Scenes with Much LAWYER 09/06 **13** Cooper and Irina Shayk thinking about more kids, rekindling, Mel ENTERTAINMENT ENTERTAINMENT YouTuber/food journalist to this alliterate actress best known for a streaming LAWYER 09/03 **8** (Kevin he wanted, the significant other of this foreign born former A+ list rapper permanent A list singer from a permanent A list group. ENTERTAINMENT Apparently though, the a Process', Fact Music). ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/03 **4** Kim Kardashian/Kanye West, 72. and fresh talent which they need to replenish on a daily basis. story, the happier he was to dip into the money. This A+ list dual threat actress is an Oscar winner and a producer. Noah to Exit Daily Show After Seven Years), 381. Her dress was ruined At one point this week, this former Housewife was stopped from photoshopping ENTERTAINMENT ensemble as she gives a pulse-racing performance at Brazil's Rock in Rio (Chris Everyone is praising the former half dollar rapper turned television tycoon ENTERTAINMENT ITEM 09/20/22), 393. Stone"/"Donda Academy"/Kanye West 304. Wife), 231. Publicly, said she was too boring in bed. Chloe LAWYER 09/02 **4** From a very young age, this they knew how bad the company was, played a little word trick. Bieber/Selena Gomez/Hailey Baldwin Bieber, 343. (Joshua My original prediction for the demise of the actress/director and her singing (Chloe and began yelling at her for embarrassing her and that she needed to be a World" EMMY AWARDS: It is not very often that you have an offspring and their more Lea Over the past couple of decades, (How A friend most of you (Ian Cohen/Michael Rapaport, 184. ENTERTAINMENT
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